Friday, May 23, 2008

A lil update.

While waiting for the pics to be fully uploaded..
I'm actually looking for schools like Yok chai, Phuay Chai and S.M.K tmn sea to let my troupe to recruit youngsters to join Cheaming Lion dance.

It is a very healthy activity for youngsters, it helps them to open up their circle of friends and give them a chance to expose to the art of lion dance. So.. i wish the authorities of sch would give me a chance to bring the art of lion dance into sch and spread the spirits...
I hope my hard works will not be wasted...=)

not forgetting, i'm also looking for those experienced lion dancer who are interested in being a lion dance teacher/si fu...hehe
The course is provided..
Mr Gan will arrange the course and it is around 8:30-10p.m, so make sure u are free to attend the course..=D

After u graduated from that,

We hope that u could spare your time in the following timing to teach in sch..
Fri: 12:30-2p.m
Sat: morning/afternoon.

If u are really interested and willing to sacrifice ur free time/happie hour..hehe
pls contact Mr. Gan, 017-885 6711.


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